One Thousand Words: Photos by Geoff Sowrey

Every Picture is a Story

Welcome to my little photography site! This is a pet project of mine, almost a form of penance after I (stupidly) quit Flickr a number of years ago. You’ll see the archives expand as I slowly restore all the pictures I think are worth viewing.

Oh, the places I've seen...

Recent Pictures

Streaks over the farmlands The show would go on all night An explosion of light This is when it all went wrong Twists and curls of colour Waves of colour heading our way Purple explosion from the sky More people arrive as the show picks up The Great May 2024 Show Begins CP 2816 crosses Spring Hill Canal CP 2816 at Lathom CP 2816 passes by Gleichen CP 2816 smokes up as it crosses Hwy 817 CP 2816 departs Carseland CP 2816 approaches Dalemead FP7As CP 1401 and 1407 CP 2816 departs Calgary All is quiet at Prince House Cloudy sunset over the Glenmore Reservoir CP 1400 on display at Ogden CP 29 in retirement All steamed up with somewhere to go CP 2816 on display CP 2816 Air and Water Pump CP 2816's running gear We have a backyard deer I wish I could do that Raspberry Deer Moonrise behind the Northern Lights Northern Light Panorama over Dalemead Lake Bottom of the bands Can you spot the Big Dipper? Moon over Sulphur Mountain at Banff Santa Claus Celebration of Lights Banff Santa Claus Celebration of Lights Road to the mountains Sunburst over Calgary West across Glenmore Reservoir Aspens in autumn Autumn path Sunrise over Calgary Fall over Minnewanka Hollyhock stamen Taking a rest from humming Going up for a drink Ruby-throated hummingbird Rufous Hummingbird Rolley Lake Trail The Invasive Black Slug Drinking Buckwheat Coming in for a taste Bee Resting on Clover Amongst the monbretia Tiger Lily Incoming! Choo Choo on the Western Portal Tulameen River Rail Bridge Looking out the West Portal Sisters in the Princeton Tunnel Entering the Princeton Tunnel Osoyoos Overlook

You can always look through the full photo list or see the list of tags I've used.