One Thousand Words: Photos by Geoff Sowrey

Every Picture is a Story

Welcome to my little photography site! This is a pet project of mine, almost a form of penance after I (stupidly) quit Flickr a number of years ago. You’ll see the archives expand as I slowly restore all the pictures I think are worth viewing.

Oh, the places I've seen...

Recent Pictures

Bee on cherry blossom Cherry blossoms Bee on cherry blossom Cherry blossoms Cherry blossoms Dutch Garlic Closeup Mayday Flower, Redux Dianthus Bleeding Heart Allium hollandicum Apple Tree Flower Mayday! Yellow, Purple, and Black Up into the storm Streaks When the light burns I need a cable release Waves Midnight dawn Struts and Waves Leadenhall Leadenhall Market Lloyd's of London Feral Parrot Abbey Road St. Pancras Traffic Elizabeth Tower Trafalgar Square Covent Garden Market Covent Garden Station York Station Departing LNER York via Harrogate Passing Freight Copper Pipes Mallard Top Speed Flying controls Flying Scotsman 4468 The Shambles The Shambles The Golden Fleece Three Peaks Minster Ceiling Minster Nave South Transcept Doomstone Woodwork Medieval Window Details Medieval stained glass Quire Screen York Minster Tower York Minster glass Queen Elizabeth II Rainy streets Patrick Pool Grape Lane The Shambles Looking up Shambles

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