One Thousand Words: Photos by Geoff Sowrey

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I have a particular affinity for CN 6060. It was the first steam locomotive I ever knew as a child, including riding it to Niagara Falls, and I saw it run near my home several times. Although I lost track of it during the years following, I found it again in 2001 in a small hamlet in Alberta and, for a time, helped in its maintenance. Though I yearn to return to the sledgehammer and duck tape repairs (a bit of a joke, but a bit not), I will still always love my first steam locomotive.

CN 6060 crosses the road


CN 6060 heads north to Stettler


Straight Ahead


Heading out of Big Valley


CN 6060 switches to the front


Waiting in the weeds


CN 6060 in Jasper


CN 6060 steaming up in Hinton


CN 6060 passes Chip Lake


Blowing through Bashaw


Crossing the Diamond


Approaching the Alix Diamond


CN 6060 crosses Hwy 2A


Getting a lift


CN 6060 in Stettler


Steamed and Ready


CN 6060 hunkers down for the night


CN 6060 arrives in Stettler


Bullet Nosed Betty


Waiting for movement


Driving Wheel